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Our company Ningbo Fastener Co., Ltd is specialized in the production and sales of standard and special metal parts for over 40 years in China, today it has developed into one of Asia's largest suppliers of industrial fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, brass fasteners, castings, forgings, stampings, CNC machined parts, auto parts, brass fittings, valves, tube & pipes etc related products in Stainless Steel A2/A4, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Hastalloy, Titanium, Alumiunm etc.   

After many years of research and development, now we can offer a variety of high quality metal products & hardwares which include:

STANDARDS___As per ISO, DIN, ANSI/ASTM, AS, BS, JIS, Non-standard as Drawing or Samples
DIMENSIONS___M3-M100   /   3/16''-4''
GRADES___A2/304, A4/316, Gr2, Gr5, Gr8, Gr4.8, Gr5.8, Gr6.8, Gr8.8, Gr10.9, Gr12.9, Brass etc
COATINGS___Plain, Black, Zinc Plated, Nickel Plated, HDG, Dacroment etc
ITEMS___Bolts / Screws / Nuts / Washers / Threaded Rods / Anchors & Fixings / Rivets / Pins / Stainless Steel Fasteners / Brass Fasteners / Stampings / Forgings / Castings / CNC parts / Brass Fittings / Valves / Flanges / Hinges / Pipe& Tube etc

Bolts: Hex Bolts AS1252  ANSI B18.2.1  ASTM A325  ASTM A490  ASTM A563  ASTM A307  DIN7990  DIN6914  DIN931/933  DIN960/961  DIN558  DIN601, Square Bolts BS7419, Carriage Bolts DIN603, Guardrail Bolts, Flange Bolts DIN6921, Sockets Bolts DIN912  DIN7991  ISO7380, Track Bolts, Fish Bolts, Railway Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Hanger Bolts, U Bolts, T Bolts etc

Nuts: Hex Nuts ANSI/ASME B18.2.2  ASTM A194 2H  DIN934  DIN555  DIN6915  DIN439  DIN936  ISO4032  AS1112  UNI5587, Nylon Nuts DIN985  DIN982  DIN980  ANSI, Flange Nuts DIN6923, Cap Nuts DIN1587  DIN917, Coupling Nuts DIN6334, Wing Nuts DIN315, Square Nuts DIN557  DIN562, Weld Nuts DIN928  DIN929, Slotted Nuts DIN935  DIN937, Knurled Nuts DIN466  DIN467  DIN6303, Round Nuts, K-lock Nuts, T-Nuts, Eye Nuts, Rivet Nuts, special parts etc

Threaded Rods: DIN975, DIN976, ASTM A193 B7, Studs, 1000mm/2000mm/3000mm/3ft/6ft/10ft/12ft etc

Washers: Flat Washers DIN125A  DIN126  DIN440  DIN433  DIN7989  DIN7349  DIN9021  DIN6916  BS4320A/B/C/E  USS/SAE  AS1252, F436/F436M  NFE-25-513  Fender Washers, Spring Lock Washers ANSI/ASME B 18.21.1  DIN127B  DIN7980  JIS B 1251  AS1085, Square Washers, Tooth Lock Washers DIN6797A  DIN6797J  DIN6797V  DIN6798A  DIN6798J  DIN6798V, DIN7967 pall nut, Wave Washers DIN137A/DIN137B  DIN2093  DIN6319  DIN432 AS1252 etc

Anchors: Sleeve Anchors, Bolt Anchors, Drop In Anchors, Cut Anchors, Wedge Anchors, Fishlike Anchors, Heavy Duty Anchor, Metal Frame Anchors, Metal Hit Anchors, Chemical Anchors, Hammer Drive Anchors, Split Drive Anchors, Hollow Wall Anchors, Nylon anchors etc

Screws: Wood Screws DIN571  DIN7995  DIN7996  DIN7997  DIN95  DIN96  DIN97, Machine Screws DIN84  DIN85  DIN963  DIN964  DIN965  DIN966  DIN7985, Set Screws DIN913  DIN914  DIN915  DIN 916  DIN417  DIN427  DIN438  DIN551, Self Tapping Screws Self Drilling Screws DIN7981  DIN7982  DIN7983  DIN7971  DIN7972  DIN7973 DIN7504, Drywall Screws etc

Others: Stampings, Castings, Forgings, Turn Parts, CNC Machined Parts, Auto Parts, Rivets & Pins, Butt Hinges, Pipe& Tube, Furniture hardwares, Clamps, Brass Fittings, Valves, Flanges etc

With an annual production capacity of 20,000 metric tons, 95% of our products are exported to all over the world with high quality, reasonable prices and perfect servise, and most of our clients are from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East, such as: HTI, COVENTRY GROUP, WORLD FASTENER, BUFAB, WURTH, BOLT FAST ETC

Based on our rich experience, advanced technologies/equipments and strict quality system to produce more quality products to satisfy our customer's needs, and sincerely welcome you to contact us to establish long-term and friendly business relationship

Add: NBHT Industrial Development Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: 86-574-81978670                  
Fax: 86-574-81978671
Web: www.ningbo-fastener.com      




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